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MediacenterJS is a fully functional mediacenter application that runs in your browser. You can view your movies and listen to your music. All from the comfort of your favourite browser on your favourite device.

Easy to use

When you add movies to the library, the movies will be indexed in a matter of seconds and be ready for playback. No need to manually alter your files. It's great to add functionality to your TV, tablet, PC or Chromebook.

With remote control

MediacenterJS is easily controllable from the comfort of your couch thanks to the remote control. This webapp is platform independent and works from within your favourite browser.

The remote is generic and you can easily add remote functionality if you are an app developer. Documentation how to integrate the remote into your app is available on the GitHub page.

Based on HTML

The entire system is based on HTML, CSS and Javascript. Both serverside (NodeJS) and clientside.
This enables you to customize every little detail and easily create amazing new content and themes.

Cross device

Add functionality to your TV, Chromebook or Mobile devices by simply installing MediacenterJS. It can be installed on a Linux or Windows PC, or even a NAS or server. Your content is available wherever you are. Whether you're listening to your local music library at work, or listening to a podcast on your holiday.

Progress report:

Current version: 0.0.65

The project is in Alpha. Which means some of the functionality could work as intended. But this also means there are still a lot of bugs to be fixed and functionality to be added.

Latest changes:

  • Frontend of core apps refactored to Angular
  • Added Windows installer
  • improvements to setup
  • Improved mobile styling

Found an issue?

If you found an issue while testing MediacenterJS, feel free to file an issue on the MediacenterJS Github page

Build apps for the store

MediacenterJS has its very own plug-in store giving you complete freedom to use MediacenterJS the way you want, with the apps you want.

Easy to use for Developers

We've tried to make it very easy for developers to build new apps. We use the proven NPM package manager to easily find and present your app in the plug-in store. But more importantly, you can use the tools, plug-ins and frameworks you like most to build great HTML/Javascript based apps.

  • Join the fun!

    A lot more information will become available as we near public beta release. Including full documentation for users and app builders, faq's and issue reporting so you can jump right in. A lot can be found on the projects Github page

    If you would like to contribute, you can check out the code and partial documentation on Github.

    Check out the code on GitHub.
  • Get It!

    If you use Windows click here to download the installer.

    If you want to run MediacenterJS on a Linux or MAC system please follow these installation instructions.

    The installation process for these systems will get easier as the project matures.

    Installation instructions Linux/Mac